Episode 58: Oh Japan, You So Crazy!

A Chinese woman was sent to a labor camp for retweeting.  We discuss a new concept stoplight.  A little grils hand is cut off and grafted to her foot to save it.  The Stuxnet virus targeted ‘high-value Iranian assets.’  Wikipedia has raised the same amount of donations in a week that it took a month to raise in 2009.  Google is preparing to launch G-Town.  All this plus the Study of the Week and the debut of “Oh Asia, You So Crazy!” and the Fail of the Week.

Show notes available at http://wiki.whatstherumpuspodcast.com/58


Nintendo seeks to trademark the phrase “It’s on like Donkey Kong.”  BlackSheep is a Firefox extension that counters the Firesheep extension.  Scientists turn skin into blood.  Plus, this week’s Study of the Week.

Show notes available at http://wiki.whatstherumpuspodcast.com/57

Episode 56: The One Where Adrian Doesn’t Talk

In this week’s episode, we discuss distributed development with Chris Steinberg of Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive.  How does development work when your dev team is spread to the winds?  How do you plan and manage your project?  How does it contrast with a traditional development environment?  Listen in to find out.

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Episode 55: Happy Rumpaween

Foursquare offers a NASA badge for astronauts who check into “Space.”  The hacker behind the Xbox 360 jailbreak is being prosecuted for his hack.  Sony officially retires the Walkman.  A new Firefox extension has been released that allows you to sidejack website sessions to websites like Facebook and Twitter.  NYPD officers are sent on a field trip.  The Darth Vader costume from Empire Strikes back is on sale.  Mount Everest gets a 3G network.  All this and more!

Show notes available at http://wiki.whatstherumpuspodcast.com/55