Episode 68: The Rantmobile

PETA demands that there be an extra tax on meat.  Police bust tweens for operating an unlicensed lemonade stand.  Jammie Thomas judgement lowered from $1.5 million to $54,000.  Plus, “Oh Asia, You So Crazy!” and the “Fail of the Week.”

Show notes available at http://wiki.whatstherumpuspodcast.com/68

Episode 67: Conversatin’

Google releases a new social network to compete with Facebook.  Finally!  Flying cars!  NASA’s final mission sneaks up on us.  Plus, “Oh Asia, You So Crazy!”

Show notes available at http://wiki.whatstherumpuspodcast.com/67

Episode 65: I Bet You Didn’t Expect to See Us in Your Feed Again!

So we’re ramping up from the mega-break to start recording again!  As a teaser, here’s an outtake episode for your enjoyment!  We’ll be posting a new episode in two weeks at the regularly scheduled time (Tuesday at noon), and I have a special surprise for you next week.

Show notes available at http://wiki.whatstherumpuspodcast.com/65